About the Artist

On each canvas, artist Karina Peacemaker strives to capture that special beauty and charisma of the Arabian horse. Her artwork depicts all things equine but the Arabian horse has a special place in her heart. She creates a window into those small moments that move all horse lovers: a look, a toss of the head or a flick of the ear. Showing the personality and athletic energy of the horse is her goal.

For as long as she can remember, Karina has been drawing. Growing up on her family's horse farm, PCF Arabians, it was only natural that she become passionate about horses. She still enjoys an active role in the breeding, showing and management of the farm. Her close, daily interaction with Arabians is reflected in her attention to detail and her accuracy in portraying equine conformation, spirit and musculature.

Each year since it began, she has donated a painting to the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona for the Arabian National Breeder Finals. To date, her paintings for the show have raised at auction well over $80,000 prize money for the weanling classes held there. Beginning in 2014, she has had the privilege of painting the official show poster of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, the largest Arabian Horse show in the United States. 

The New Arrival is the latest Scottsdale program cover by Karina Peacemaker, created for the 2017 show. During the championship classes, the original painting sold at auction for $20,000, the proceeds of which were donated to charity. Several other works of hers such as The Bedouin Tent have raised thousands of dollars for Healing Hearts, an animal rescue based in Arizona. 

Karina accepts a very limited number of custom artwork commissions each year. Her meticulous attention to detail brings her client's ideas to life on canvas or paper. Her portfolio includes the likenesses of acclaimed Arabians such as Pitonisa AS, Magnum Chall HVP, Bey Ambition, Magnum Psyche, PCF Vision and more, and her artwork is collected around the globe. Giclee prints on fine art paper and canvas, as well as equine themed smartphone cases and more are available on the Fine Art and Boutique sections here. You can follow her works in progress and day to day studio life on Instagram and Facebook. Karina is always happy to chat and answer any questions about commissions, prints or any of her artwork. Visit the contact page for more.